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As we move into November, we have seen the Kansas weather continue to change from season to season in a matter of days. We had nice fall weather, then horrible winter weather, and then the return of fall weather again. You certainly cannot out guess the Kanas Weather.

Since we have already experienced a couple of icy days, it is a good time to once again point out that winter weather can roll in quickly and sometimes tough decisions have to be made. We always try to make the decision to cancel school based on the majority of our students. Therefore, it may be safe for some kids to get to school, but we might have a road or two that are drifted shut. Whenever you have a question about weather, you always have the opportunity to keep your kids at home. Weather is always an excused absence.

Though the COVID virus is ever changing and seems to be the headline of every newscast, we have not seen a large outbreak here at school. We all know this can change quickly, but so far things have gone as well as can be expected. Sumner County saw a large outbreak in the Wellington area, but it doesn’t seem like the outbreak made it to our community. We continue to operate under the mandates set by the state and will continue to do so as long as they are in effect.

2020 has been a long year for many reasons. As we head into November and look toward Thanksgiving – I hope you will find time to remember some of the things you are thankful for this year. There have been many negatives during this year, but I firmly believe that we can always find some positives if we choose lo look hard enough. I am thankful that we are in a smaller school district and we have been able to have our students in school and give them a little bit of normalcy during these strange times.

As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school. Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!!


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools

Summer Recreation Board - If anyone is interested in running for the summer recreation board, contact the district office (620-456-2961) or the recreation board. This must be done by December 7, 2020. This is a 4 year term.

We are always looking for substitute teachers, substitute cooks and substitute bus drivers. If interested in any of these positions - please call the district office at 620-456-2961.

Certified teaching positions and coaching positions are posted on the KSDE website at


Nov. 23 - 27 - No school - Thanksgiving Break