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November and Thanksgiving Holiday:

        November always seems to be that month that we finally transition over from fall to winter and of course we have the Thanksgiving Holiday.   Our world is such a busy place that we often wonder how we pack everything into 24-hour days.   Technology seems to have taken over our world and our lives.   I hope that during the time of thanksgiving, all families have a chance to actually sit down and share time with family and friends.  I hope everyone takes the time to look at what they are thankful for this year.  Our world seems to be full of negatives and politics have taken a turn to where there is an argument around every corner.   Even in this busy and politically charged world, there are still many things to be thankful for and we need to focus on those things for a change.   I hope we can all take time this year to focus on the positives for a change.  

  As we head into winter, please remember that Kansas weather can change quickly.  This may seem early to be discussing winter weather, but just a couple of years ago, we had to miss school due to icy conditions.  I always remind parents that the final decision to send your student to school or not in bad weather is in the parent’s hands.   Students will be excused if they miss school due to icy or snow packed roads.  We have to make a decision based on the entire student population, parents need to make the decision based on their own unique situation.   It is always fun trying to outguess Kansas weather. 

 As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school.  Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!!

   ****If anyone is interested in becoming a substitute teacher, we are running very low in this area.  Please contact the district office if interested at 620-456-2961*****


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools


We are taking applications for the following positions:

We are always looking for substitute teachers, substitute cooks and substitute bus drivers.  If interested in any of these positions - please call the district office at 620-456-2961.

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Certified teaching positions are posted on the KSDE website at  

RECREATION BOARD – If anyone is interested in being on the Recreation Board – please contact the district office at 620-456-2961.   December 15th is the deadline to notify the Rec. Board if you are interested.  This is for a four-year term on the board and would begin in January.


November 20 - 24 - No school

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