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End of the year – As we close out the 2021 - 2022 school year, I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable summer. Just a reminder that if you can keep students engaged in some type of learning activities, it does help reduce learning loss over the three months of summer. This can be anything from math games, reading books together, crafts, etc... Just anything to keep them engaged.


Spending Plan- All schools

in the state have received funds from the federal government to be spent on all

issues dealing with the pandemic. Each school district is to share the plan

with the public. Below is the general plan that we have come up with after

receiving feedback from staff, students, and parents. If you have any comments

to share, please let us know.

1 - We have hired extra staff at the elementary level to

allow a better teacher to student ratio to help students with learning loss due

to covid. Our data indicated that our lower elementary grades suffered the

largest learning loss over the past two years, so this decision was made to add

personnel to help these students get back on track. All students will benefit

from this addition of staff.

2 - We will have an extended school year this summer. This

will provide more time for instruction for our students which will aid them in

staying on grade level track. The expenses for this will include teacher pay as

well as added curriculum and activities. All students will be allowed to be a

part of this program.

3 - Implementation of health strategies, protocols and

safety measures to keep schools open and keep students safe. We have

temperature kiosks that are used as needed for students and staff as they enter

the building. We have health protocols through our nurse to help better

diagnose when students are ill and need to be sent home, quarantined, etc...

4 - The purchase of technology to aid with remote learning

when necessary and also allows us to use smart boards and computers to help

with learning recovery at various levels as needed by our students. Software to

also help in remedial learning as well as advanced learning for those students

who have surpassed grade level.

5 - Facility repairs and improvements to reduce virus

transmission and exposure to environmental health hazards. This includes better

ventilation and indoor air quality in the school buildings.

6 - Providing more mental health support for students and

staff. Also, addition of a program to help improve tracking and mental health

issues and finding solutions for staff and students.

7 - More curricular tools to help better diagnose learning

loss and how to address those needs.

*All students will benefit from these changes. All students will be able to

participate in these programs. No discrimination will take place based on

race/national origin, disability, learning level, sex, age, etc... All students

will be included. All staff will be included in the areas that these changes

pertain to as well.

As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school. Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!!


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools

We are taking applications for the following positions:

We are always looking for substitute teachers, substitute cooks and substitute bus drivers. If interested in any of these positions - please call the district office at 620-456-2961.

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Certified teaching positions are posted on the KSDE website at


May 15 - Graduation 2:00

May 17 - Last day of school. Dismissal will be at 1:00.

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