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Month of February:
     The month of February is a busy month with the continuing basketball season, some scholar's bowl meets, music contests and other activities.  It is simply amazing when you look at the number of events on the school calendar each month.  You think that you have made it through a busy month and then you turn the page only to find many more things going on for the next month.  One thing about it, our students and staff stay busy each month.  On top of the normal school day, they also spend quite a bit of time doing activities outside of the school day.
     The third nine weeks is rolling along and will come to an end the first week of March.  Please continue to check your student's grades as we work through the month of February.  In a month that threatens us with winter weather and of course the ongoing cold and flu season, sometimes kids can fall behind in school work.  Please help keep them focused and remind them that the third nine weeks is probably the toughest one for kids to keep their grades up.  I think the combination of coming back after the first of the year, along with the gloomy winter weather sometimes can be depressing and maybe kids don't stay quite as focused.  Normally if they can make it into March with good grades, the rest of the year seems to go fine.  Just check grades often and stay in communication with your child and their teacher. 
     The legislative session in Topeka began in January and will continue through the early part of May.  There have been several bills already written that would have an impact on our public schools.  You just never know for sure what might pass or not pass.  Once such bill is House Bill 2504 which would basically put all Sumner County schools under one district office housed in Wellington.  I have received several phone calls and emails on this bill.  It will have a hearing in early February to see if it will make it out of committee and on to the full legislative floor.  This is not a law yet, simply a bill so we need to just follow it to see what happens.  As always, feel free to contact me about any happenings in Topeka and you are always welcome to contact your state representative or senator. 
     School funding will also be a hot topic during the session.  The Kansas Supreme court is supposed to pass down its ruling on the issue of equity in school funding across the state.  I am hopeful that this ruling will be made prior to the end of the legislative session.  I have no idea how this decision will go and then we will have to see what action, if any, will be necessary for the legislature.  It is always an interesting time of year in Topeka. 

 As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school.  Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools


February 15 - No school

March 7 - Board of Education meeting.  This date was changed at the October 12th meeting.  This change is due to spring break during the next week. 

**Past due fees. If your child has a past due amount, we ask that parents try to get these balances paid down. School budgets are just as tight as home budgets and the school simply cannot carry a large amount of debt from year to year.
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We currently are looking for a full time bus driver or substitute bus drivers. If you have any interest in either one of these positions please call Clay Murphy at 620-456-2961.

We are always looking for substitute teachers, cooks, etc.....