December / End of 1st Semester:

     We only have a few weeks left in the semester.  However, there are many activities packed into those three weeks.  Between music concerts, basketball games, scholars bowl events, and other things filling out the calendar - the end of the semester seems to be in quite a crunch for time. 

     During the final few weeks, please continue to talk with your students and remind them about homework and making sure they finish out the semester with a strong push.  Many times students get to looking at the vacation time coming up and they lose site of getting their work done.  As we head into these last few weeks - as always - if you have any questions for your student's teachers please do not hesitate to call.  Once the semester is over - it is over. 

     Just a reminder as we head toward winter weather - we use all three local television news networks as well as the Journal Broadcast Network which includes KFDI radio.  We will also continue to notify parents with our school messenger system so please keep all your phone numbers updated with our school offices so that nobody misses a call.

     Please continue to support our school district and especially our students.  They are truly our greatest asset and certainly our future.  It takes all of us to help them make their dreams come true.  I honestly do appreciate your support for our kids!


Clay Murphy - Supt. of Schools


**Past due fees.  If your child has a past due amount, we ask that parents try to get these balances paid down.  School budgets are just as tight as home budgets and the school simply cannot carry a large amount of debt from year to year.    

 ***If anyone is interested in being a substitute bus driver, substitute cook, or substitute teacher, please contact the district office 620-456-2961.


Important Dates:

December 19 - January 4 - No School.

January 5th- No school - teacher inservice day

January 6th - 1st day of school - second semester

January 19th- No school - teacher inservice day




2014-2015 calendar.pdf

*Varsity Girls Tennis Tri @ Bethel College
on Thursday, September 18th, starts at 1pm not 11am

*HS Music Dist Auditions & MS Honor Band/Choir @ Andover is November 8th



Substitute bus driver - Contact John Seiwert  620-456-2960 or  620-456-2961