As we roll into November, we are already more than halfway through the first semester of the school year.   This is a good time to stay on top of grades and push your student to do their best on each assignment.   As we work through the rest of this nine weeks, a student’s focus can change with the promise of a long break coming up in December.   Continue to check their grades through power school and contact their teachers anytime you have questions. 

     November also brings the threat of colder weather.   That being said, a simple rain can turn into a travel issue if the temperatures drop enough.  Just a reminder that anytime there is a danger in travel, a parent has the final decision on whether or not it is safe for their child to drive to school.   Please just make sure you contact your school’s office to let them know if your child will not be in attendance. 

     I would like to invite all parents of students grades K-12 to attend an informational meeting on KESA.  KESA (Kansas Educational Systems Accreditation) is a new 5-year program which requires the participation of all school districts.  We are currently in our second year of the program.  KESA will be the determining basis on whether or not a school district is accredited by the state.  During the five-year process, we have to document what we are doing and make improvements along the way to help provide the proper level of education for our students.  There are many factors involved in the process.   The KESA meeting will be held in the high school auditorium on November 14th.  The meeting will begin at 7:00 pm and should be over before 8:00 pm.   Again, this is simply an informational meeting on how KESA works and where we stand in the process.   


 As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school.  Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools


November 14 - District wide KESA informational meeting at 7:00 in the HS auditorium for all parents wishing to attend.  

November 19 - 23 - No School

December 18 - Last day of school for first semester.  

January 3 - First day of school for second semester.

Anyone interested in serving on the Recreation Commission Board should contact the district office by December 7th.   The Rec. Board has a couple of positions that will be vacant.  The district office phone number is 620-456-2961.  Or you can contact Aaron Lange.

 We are always looking for substitute teachers, substitute cooks and substitute bus drivers.  If interested in any of these positions - please call the district office at 620-456-2961.

Certified teaching positions and coaching positions are posted on the KSDE website at