The Fourth Nine Weeks Begins:

     March 6th marks the end of the 3rd nine weeks and then we are on for the push to the end of the year.  As you look at your child's 3rd nine weeks grades, remember that these grades are averaged with the fourth nine weeks grades for the semester grade.  Semester grades are the ones that go on all official school transcripts and those are the ones that make a difference in GPA.  Remind students that the semester grade is the important one so they still have quite a bit of time to keep pushing on grades. 

   We really dodged a couple of potentially hazardous weather events.  We have been fortunate over the past few weeks and have not had to miss any school due to weather.  Just a reminder that some of our worst snow storms have come in the month of March so we are not out of the woods quite yet.  As always, if school is cancelled, we will use our automated calling program along with notifying the television stations and many radio stations.  Also, please remember that if we do have school, that decision is based on whether the majority of kids can make it safely.  Some roads are more treacherous than others so if you do not feel like your child can make it to school safely due to snow or ice, you can always call in for them. 

     This is the time of year that schedules are being finalized for the upcoming school year.  If you will have a high school or middle school student next year, they should be working on finalizing what courses they will be in next year.  If you have concerns about this or certain classes they are signed up to take, please call your building principal or counselor and ask questions. Normally it is easier to make changes now rather than in the fall. 

     School funding seems to always be an issue and this year it is certainly a hot topic.  The Governor, along with the legislature are looking to freeze school funding for the next two years as they work on trying to find a better way of doing it.  We have not heard what this actually means for USD 356 and we are waiting to get that news so that we can begin making plans on what changes, if any need to be made for next year and our future.  What we do know so far is that we were cut $33,000 locally and this money is supposed to be reduced from our state payment as we work through the rest of the year.  Cuts are never a positive thing and this news was not good for us.  However, we will try to make the necessary adjustments and try to make changes that have the least effect on students.  The next two years could be very interesting as our state works through some very difficult budget times which will certainly have an impact on all school districts in one way or another.   

     Please continue to support our school district and especially our students.  They are truly our greatest asset and certainly our future.  It takes all of us to help them make their dreams come true.  I honestly do appreciate your support for our kids!


Clay Murphy - Supt. of Schools


**Past due fees.  If your child has a past due amount, we ask that parents try to get these balances paid down.  School budgets are just as tight as home budgets and the school simply cannot carry a large amount of debt from year to year.    

 ***If anyone is interested in being a substitute bus driver, substitute cook, or substitute teacher, please contact the district office 620-456-2961.


Important Dates:

March 6 - Students dismissed at 1:00 - End of 3rd nine weeks.

March 16 - 20 - No school - Spring Break

April 3 - No school

April 6 - No school

April 17 - No school - inservice day

April 27 - No school - inservice day

NOTICE:  Public notice of confirmed case of pertussis (whooping cough)


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St Joseph Catholic School music program moved to Tuesday, April 14th  7pm in the HS auditorium.

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Substitute bus driver - Contact John Seiwert  620-456-2960 or  620-456-2961



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