Second Semester Begins:

     The ice and cold weather certainly was not a welcomed site heading back to school for the second semester, but this is Kansas and I guess we have to deal with all four seasons.  As always, with winter weather in Kansas, please remind your students to dress appropriately when the temperatures are at or below the freezing mark.  Winter temps can be very dangerous. 

     As we begin the new semester, remind students that the second semester is a new start.  If a student did have any trouble with grades or attendance during first semester, the second semester is a second chance.  Students can start over on grades and make sure that the second semester goes well by making a strong start.  Remind them that grade point averages are important and they need to do the best they can each day.  Helping your student with organization skills can also help them form habits to be more responsible. 

     Just a reminder that as the cold weather and possibilities of ice and snow creep in, we always use our School Messenger system to alert parents and students about the cancellation of school.  Please make sure your cell phone and home phone information is up to date.  Sometimes people forget to let us know when they change numbers and it causes a problem in the system.  All you need to do to update information is to call your child's school office and tell them of any changes.  It will be updated in the system and everything will be good to go. 

     Please continue to support our school district and especially our students.  They are truly our greatest asset and certainly our future.  It takes all of us to help them make their dreams come true.  I honestly do appreciate your support for our kids!


Clay Murphy - Supt. of Schools


**Past due fees.  If your child has a past due amount, we ask that parents try to get these balances paid down.  School budgets are just as tight as home budgets and the school simply cannot carry a large amount of debt from year to year.    

 ***If anyone is interested in being a substitute bus driver, substitute cook, or substitute teacher, please contact the district office 620-456-2961.


Important Dates:

January 6th - 1st day of school - second semester

January 19th- No school - teacher inservice day




2014-2015 calendar.pdf

St Joseph Catholic School music program moved to Tuesday, April 14th  7pm in the HS auditorium.



Substitute bus driver - Contact John Seiwert  620-456-2960 or  620-456-2961