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December = Joy and Stress

     As we turn the calendar to December, student's eyes light up with joy because there are not many days of school and of course there is a long break at the end of the month.  However, the month is also filled with stress for some students as it marks the end of the first semester and therefore grade cards will soon be coming home.  During the short month of school, it is important for students to remain focused on their studies.  It is very important to finish out the semester on a strong note and not allow joy of some time off cloud what needs to be done.  Many students will have finals the last couple of days of the semester so it is important for them to study right up till the last day.  This is a good chance to help students learn about responsibility and finishing a job before you get rewarded with time off.  

     I have shared before that we are in the first year of a new school accreditation program.  This program was designed by the state and it is a five-year process.  During those five years we have to choose goals, report progress and work done in certain areas, track our action plan results on the goals and hopefully at the end of five years - gain accreditation from the state.  

     The accreditation process is called KESA, which stands for Kansas Education Systems Accreditation.  We have done our needs assessment and have chosen two goals.  Those goals are "Relationships" and "Curriculum Mapping".  We are hopeful that our relationship building will improve relationships between teachers, students, parents and the community.  Our hope is that through better communication and relationship building, we will better serve the needs of our students.  On the curriculum side, we are wanting to strengthen our curriculum mapping at each grade level and in each core subject area so that students are gaining the skills needed to be successful when they leave our schools.  

    Weather is certainly a possible concern in December.  We try to make weather decisions as early as possible.  However, the weather doesn't always come through in a timely manner for those decisions to be made early.  Sometimes, our weather experts are wrong, which creates even more difficulty in making the right decision.  When you live in a rural community such as ours, a mile can make the difference of a passable road and an impassable road.  Therefore, we still leave the safety decisions up to the parents.  If we do have school but your road is not safe for travel, you certainly can make the call to keep them at home.  Just make sure you communicate with your student's building office so that we know whether or not to expect your child on a bad weather day.  

 As always - I truly appreciate the support that this community shows for our students and our school.  Conway Springs is a great place to raise children!


Clay Murphy - Superintendent of Schools

December 19 - End of 1st semester - Last day for students

January 4 - First day of school for students - 2nd semester begins

RECREATION BOARD:  If anyone is interested in serving a four year term on the summer recreation board, contact the district office prior to December 15th.  

 We are always looking for substitute teachers, substitute cooks and substitute bus drivers.  If interested in any of these positions - please call the district office at 620-456-2961.