The start of a new school year is always an exciting time.  I truly enjoy seeing the teachers and students return to the buildings.  There is always a certain contagious energy as the students head back to school.  It is a constant reminder that our youth are our future and just how important their years in school are to each one of them.  One of the main reasons I have chosen to stay in Conway Springs and to send my own kids through our school system is because of the great people we have in our schools and our community.  I believe this is still a great place to raise a family.

     As always, when we are dealing with students, there will be times that problems may arise.  It is imperative that parents and teachers work together in the education of our students.  If parents and teachers can find common ground, it truly helps the student stay on a straight path.  If parents ever have a question for their student's teacher or building principal, please contact them as soon as possible.  Many times, issues can be resolved quickly if everyone is involved early in the process. 

     As I stated before, this is a great community.  We have many tremendous people here and as a community member, please do not take your support and role in helping students lightly.  You are very important to our kids and our school system.  Attending school activities helps our students see that they are supported and that does have a very positive impact on them. 

     My hope is that we have another quiet and safe school year and I wish every student the best of luck and hope that this year will help them take the next step in their journey of reaching their goals in life.   


Clay Murphy - Supt. of Schools


**Past due fees.  If your child has a past due amount, we ask that parents try to get these balances paid down.  School budgets are just as tight as home budgets and the school simply cannot carry a large amount of debt from year to year.    

 ***If anyone is interested in being a substitute bus driver or substitute teacher, please contact the district office 620-456-2961.


Important Dates:

August 18-20 - Teacher inservice

August 21 - First day of school for students



2014-2015 calendar.pdf

*Varsity Girls Tennis Tri @ Bethel College
on Thursday, September 18th, starts at 1pm not 11am

*HS Music Dist Auditions & MS Honor Band/Choir @ Andover is November 8th



Substitute bus driver - Contact John Seiwert  620-456-2960 or  620-456-2961

Full time kitchen cook - contact district office 620-456-2961