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Monday through Friday of each week, we use centers in the classroom to reinforce the skills third graders need to work on, especially those that will be tested on the Kansas State Assessment. One of these centers involves using the laptops. Once a week your child will have the opportunity to go to the laptops and practice skills using the computer. If you want your child to practice skills at home, or know of a skill your child needs to work on, the following educational links will be helpful.

English Games

Octopus Blasting Parts of Speech - Don't let the octopus get slimed. Destroy the part of speech coming down to invade the octopus. Make sure you know your nouns, verbs (with helping verbs), pronouns, adjectives, adverbs, and prepositions.

Frog Eating Synonyms and Antonyms Decide which word on the lily pad is a synonym or antonym for the word given. Eat the correct word with your tongue catching the word.

Home Run Parts of Speech - students practice finding nouns, verbs, pronouns, and adjectives. Correct answers allows you to play a baseball game.

Noun Dunk Students must decide if the given word is a common or proper noun, or a noun at all. Correct answers score a basketball goal.

Sentence Clubhouse - Give the sentence the correct end marks. Correct answers allow the player to build their own unique clubhouse.

Catching Nouns and Verbs Students find nouns and verbs. They have to catch the correct parts of speech in the mouse's basket.

Logic/Time/Money Games (Mathmatical)

Spooky Sequence - A number pattern appears on each ghost. It is up to you to decide which number is missing in the pattern and type it in to see if you can defeat the ghosts.

Spooky Sequence Challenge Just like Spooky Sequence, but this time you are working with three digit numbers! Good Luck!

Place Value To The Thousands Looking at the given number, students have to decide which number is in which place value spot. Correct answers reveal a picture.

Place Value Golf This game must be figured out quickly. Mr. Duck is ready to golf and you need to answer some questions about place value. Correct answers get you a better golf score!

Cross The River This game has students look at a fractional piece and then identify the correct fraction. Correct answers move you across the river.

Shark Numbers This game allows students to look at numbers and determine place value locations on numbers. Correct answers move you forward on the level, but watch out! Incorrect answers will have a shark take a bite out of your boat!

Bedtime Bandits Use the clock and times given to find the correct time before your time runs out.

Clock Work Students must answer elasped time questions shown on an analog clock. Incorrect answers make you try again!

Comparison Boxing - Students look at the two math equations on both sides and decide if they are greater than/less than/ or equal to each other. Correct answers let you knock your opponent, while wrong answers have you seeing stars.

Counting Money a list of coins is shown. Your job is to count the coins and enter the correct value for the coins shown. You can only move on with the correct answer. Hint:It helps to count the larger coins first!

Money To Build A Robot Count the coins in the money bag. Each correct answer allows you to build a part of a robot. Can you get them all correct to complete your robot? I bet you can!

Piggy Bank Students practice counting coins while racing against the time before all the coins come falling down. Adding coins to find the correct value given makes adding numbers together more challenging.

Slide and Thumb Counting Money use the slide or thumb to flip or slide the correct amount of change requested into the money counter.

Clock Hands - Students are given a time and they must use the hands on the clock to show the correct time.

Hickory Dickory Clock - students must match the time to the correct clock. Correct answers allow the mouse to eat a piece of cheese. Beware! Incorrect answers will have a cat trying to catch the mouse.

Stop The Clock - 15 minutes- Students race against the clock as they match the analog clock to the correct digital time. Students can continue to play to see if they can beat their own fastest time

Math Facts Games

Math Mayhem- This game allows you to play other players logged in at the same time. It is a race to see who can complete the most facts correctly in a limited amount of time. Right now in the school year, we recommend the addition and subtraction games only.

Alien Addition Students practice addition facts where they match their addition facts to the correct answer.

Jet Ski Addition Students practice their addition facts by typing in the correct answer to addition problems. They are racing against other players and the player that answers correctly the most problems in a set amount of time is the winner. New facts and order each time you play.

Snowball Multiplication http://www.multiplication.com/games/play/snowball-fight - Solve multiplication facts! Correct answers lets you throw a snowball and hit another kid during the snowball fight. Incorrect answers get you hit with a snowball.

The Ants Go Marching Choose the multiplication facts you want to practice and find the correct product. Watch out! Don't let the ants take your food!

Can You Dig It Solve multiplication facts and then be able to piece together dinosaur bones.

Jungle Jim Choose the multiplication facts you want to work on to help you master your facts. Correct answers on the drum will help you fill up your goal level.

Flight of the Knight Students must answer correct multiplication facts to launch their knight over the castle wall. Incorrect answers have your knight hit the castle wall or fall into the moat. You can choose which multiplication facts you want to practice at each level.

Minus Mission- Race against the clock trying not to get slimed while practicing subtraction facts.

Reading Games

ABC Order Game - This game allows the student to put words in ABC order. Once you complete the first level, the following levels get harder each word set.

Suffix Flamingos- Students get to build their flock of flamingos by adding -ly or -y suffixes to make a word that matches the given phrase. Type the new word and check to see if you are right.

Social Science Games

Can You Fill It? Students use different types of containers to fill up other containers to their capacity.

Sign the Constitution- Students have a chance to say they agree with the Constitution of the United States. On this site you can type in your name and then watch your name get signed onto the Constitution. (Remember - we only sign our first names!)

Other Fun Games/Links

All About Me - Students can create themselves on the computer and then create a story about themselves and what they like.

Carve A Pumpkin - This site allows the students to carve their own Jack-O-lantern.

Pumpkin Bowling -Students get a pumpkin to bowl into the witch's cats. You bowl ten frames to see how many cats you can knock over.

Disguise Combination Students must find different disguises they can use to sneak around trying to hide who they are.

Patriotic Pairs Students help celebrate Veteran's Day by playing a matching game, matching symbolic patriotic symbols.

Patriotic Blocks Students try to remove the same colored blocks that are touching each other in a pattern in as few attempts as possible. If they remove all the blocks, they will see a Patriotic Picture in the background. We support our Veterans!

Turkey Knock-over While the turkeys are walking, use an apple and try to knock over the turkeys. Play easy, medium, or hard levels.

Thanksgiving Concentration Students celebrate Thanksgiving by matching Thanksgiving symbols.

Turkey To Go Students try to catch all of Turkey's feathers while catching corn as well. But beware, don't let the fork stab you for dinner!

Turkey Hunt Study the picture and see if you can find the hiding place of turkey. Each game hides the turkey in a new spot so you can play more than once.

Christmas Fun Try all sorts of activities from printing off a Christmas tree maze, to holiday Tic-Tac-Toe and throwing snowballs for points. There are lots of games for lots of interests. Happy Holidays!

Christmas Games From building a snowman to decorating a tree, you can play many games on here incuding tic-tac-toe. These are just for fun.Fire Safety Game

Fire Safety Game

Fire Safety - Home Hazards - Take a tour of the White House with the Fire Safety Dog to spot fire hazards in the White House. This site also has some home activities to do during Fire Safety Week in October.