Pat Carl

Welcome to Science! I look forward to being your teacher.

The seventh grade will learn about Matter and Forces in Motion, while the eighth grade will learn about Anatomy, Interactions with Matter, and Astronomy.

Science Topics will enrich students in science topics and investigate some of the new technology and scientific concepts that we are seeing in our community.

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Science Topics Project

This year students are investigating science and technology that is happening in our own community and across South Central Kansas. The first topic they have studied is Horizontal Oil and Gas Well Drilling. Students researched this latest technology that has found a way to reach oil and gas deposits that before were not possible of extracting. They also learned what the economic impact could have on our local community and the possibility of of lessening our countries demand for over seas' oil. Students then made models of Horizontal wells and gave presentations to the class. Two of the models were actually working models. One pumped oil and the other demonstrated hydraulic fracking. Below are pictures of their projects.