Matt Hurtt

Knowing figurative language is important for students to better understand what they read and hear. 6th grade students are required to be able to identify:

similes - Comparison using like or as

metaphors - Comparison between two unlike things

idioms - Language specific to an area or region (slang)

analogies - Comparison based on an established relationship.

onomatopoeia - Words that reflect the sounds being made and add more color to writing

hyperboles - Extreme Exaggeration

pesonification - Giving animals, objects, and ideas human qualities


*I'm as busy as a one-armed wall paper hanger. (Simile)

*The snow was a white blanket covering everything in sight. (Metaphor)

*I hear through the grapevine that you were getting married. (Idiom)

*hawk:mouse :: lion:zebra (Analogy)

*The machine whirred noisily as we neared the control room. (Onomatopoeia)

*The stack of papers was a mile high! (Hyperbole)

*The trees waved good-bye when we drove out of town forever. (Personification)