Scholar's Bowl

Our events are about to begin! Here is some information and dates for your calendar.

Practices will be in the library at the following times: During AR once a week for each group.

All meets, including the League tournament are scheduled for Thursdays. We have eight players per grade level this year. Although only five people from each grade level play at a time, the other schools usually don't mind if we have up to eight players that rotate through the matches. So all team members will go to all meets, unless absent from school or ineligible for some reason. At the League meet, the number of players may be limited fo six or seven. Rank on the team at this point is based on their try-out test, but may change during the season, as we see how well each player does in answering questions at the tournaments.

We have ordered team shirts, so those will be our uniforms. If you have not paid for yours yet, please do so. The cost is $10.00. Please wear khakis or nice jeans with your shirt on competition days.


Thursday, January 22 - at Garden Plain - meet starts at 4:00 (four team meet, double round-robin). I'm estimating return time around 6:00.

Thursday, January 29 - at Belle Plaine - meet starts at 4:00, (four team meet, double round-robin). Return time around 6:00.

Thursday, February 5 - at Bluestem - meet starts at 4:00, should be over around 6:30. (5-team meet, double round-robin). Return time will be about 8:00. Bring money to eat at McDonald's on the way back.

We host Thursday, February 12 - starts around 4:00, should be over around 7:30. (5 school tournament, double round robin.)

Thursday, February 19 - CPMSL League Tournament - at Cheney. Meet starts at 4:00, (all nine league schools). The regular eight members of the seventh grade team and the eighth grade team will go, but we'll have to see if they are allowed to all rotate in or not. We will let you know ahead of time it your student will be playing that day. Finish time will depend on how many competition rooms are used. We might eat afterward, so bring money, just in case.

Post-season - Family Night, date to be announced later. This is a pot-luck supper and competition between team members and family members.

Parents are welcome to attend all events, and we appreciate the support. We'll be using the School Messenger calling system to let you know we are on the way home from a meet. If we are coming back from the north and you need to have a Viola area student dropped off at the Viola Station or Gym, we can arrange to do that. If you need to contact us, Mrs. Kitch usually has her cell phone with us. That number is (620)-440-7570.

If you have any questions about any of this, please contact us at school, 456-2965, or at home (Mrs Kitch at 456-2076, or Mrs Pauly at 584-6558).

Sara Kitch

Connie Pauly

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