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CSHS AR Program Procedures

*Each student will have an individual reading goal based on their reading ability, the time the school gives them to read, and their comprehension of the book (TOPS tests).

*Each student will work for the same goal both semesters.

*Goals are based on 3 aspects of AR:

1. Average Percent Correct goal: all TOPS quiz scores average 85% or better.

2. ZPD goal: all books read have an average level of the student’s lowest ZPD number.

3. Point goal: point totals are based on in-school reading time (20 minutes) allowed and grade equivalent reading level.

*SUCCESSFULLY meeting your 3 AR goals means:

1. Perfect AR grade in English class (grade based on percentage of goals met)

2. Opt out of the FINAL of your choice (with a C or better in the class)