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Saxon Math 2 Overview

Saxon Math 2 is the program we use to teach a variety of mathematical skills in second grade. Our daily lessons include fact practice sheets used to master addition and subtraction number facts and written practice sheets used to reinforce previously learned concepts from our daily lessons. Generally, side A of these practice sheets, we complete and correct together in class and Side B is homework. Your child should be able to independently complete the homework in about 15 minutes. Check your child's work and help your child to correct mistakes. If you help your child with a problem, please circle the problem number to let me know that this was a difficult question. Your child is responsible for turning homework in the next day.

Click on the links below to see what we learn about in each lesson.

(Note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view. )

Lesson 1-10 Lesson 11-20 Lesson 21-30 Lesson 31-40 Lesson 41-50

Lesson 51-60 Lesson 61-70 Lesson 71-80 Lesson 81-90 Lesson 91-100

Lesson 101-110 Lesson 111-120 Lesson 121-130 Lesson 131-135 A-C

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